rock climbing vs bouldering

Rock Climbing vs Bouldering: Short and Detailed Answer!

At first sight, rock climbing and bouldering may seem somewhat similar, but in fact, there are significant differences between these two sports. They require different techniques, different muscle groups usage, different training routines, and different gear sets. The topic of this post is rock climbing vs bouldering—their differences and similarities. …

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rock climbing locations in washington

Rock Climbing Locations in Washington

With mountains, rocky valleys, arid grasslands, sandy beaches, and evergreen forests, Washington is the outdoor lover’s paradise. For rock climbers and mountaineers, there are some amazing spots in the state. Read on to learn about some of the best rock climbing locations in Washington. Locations #1   Icicle Creek Canyon …

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mountain climbing vs rock climbing

Mountain Climbing vs Rock Climbing: What’s the Difference?

Mountain climbing, also known as alpinism or mountaineering, is a sport in which someone climbs or hikes a mountain. Rock climbing, on the other hand, involves climbing up and down a rock wall or rock formation. Rock climbing may or may not be a part of mountain climbing. In this …

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How To Use A Chalk Ball?

Chalk balls are small cotton balls made from magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) which are filled with normal magnesium carbonate powder. The powder content of a chalk ball is made from magnesium carbonate which enables athletes, gymnasts, and weightlifters to improve friction and grip. Chalk balls are made of a permeable fabric …

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How Many Quickdraws Do I Need

How Many Quickdraws Do You Need?

Quickdraws are sure to make climbing more fun, smooth and activity always to be remembered. Knowing the exact number of quickdraws you should have to make your climbing activity a success however is a huge question in the climbing community. Let’s start by answering that big question. Well, it depends. …

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