About Us

What is the Color the Crag Climbing Festival?

The Color the Crag Climbing Festival is an event to celebrate diversity in the sport of rock climbing. Our mission is to build community, promote leadership from people of color (POC), provide a positive narrative of underrepresented communities in the outdoors through inclusive and educational climbing festivals and events. Our hope is that, by gathering our many communities of color together, we can address the barriers to experiencing climbing. By hosting an event to promote diversity, we will directly support and connect climbers of color.

Why Color the Crag?

Our hope is that by gathering our many communities of color together we can address one of the many barriers to experiencing climbing, lack of community. By hosting an event supporting diversity, we will be directly supporting and connecting climbers of color. We will strengthen communities, increase leadership, and begin the conversation concerning other issues affecting our communities such as accessibility, public health awareness, and environmental education and advocacy.