Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15: Climbing Bag Guide

The Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 is widely talked about among the rock climbing community. It seems to have everything that climbers are looking for when they are approaching the crag and ready to take on their multi-pitch climb. So the question must be asked: how does it compare to other options on the market?

The Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 is one of the lightest weight climbing bags on the market. At only 0.9 lbs, this bag does not add much weight on a multi-pitch climb.

Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15

Some of the best features of the Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 include:

  • Blitz-style main opening makes it easy to open
  • External side pocket holds guidebook, phone, camera, etc
  • Top strap can be used to carry the rope
  • External water hose

Its 15 L volume makes it easy to bring all of the essentials up the wall. A bivy, first aid kit, headlamp, jacket, and other small items can easily fit inside. This bag can be used for single or multi-day climbs.

The shoulder straps and back are padded, which make it comfortable to carry on the approach and up the wall. The waist belt can also be adjusted, which makes it easy (and more comfortable) to place above the harness.

The Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 currently comes with a price tag of $59.95. Climbers can purchase the bag in black, white, or red.

The North Face Route Rocket

The North Face Route Rocket is a worthy competitor to the Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15. This bag was designed with the input of elite climbing athletes, including Peter Croft, Heidi Wirtz, Sam Elias.

The North Face Route Rocket

Features of The North Face Route Rocket include:

  • Shredstop™, The North Face’s proprietary scratch resistant fabric
  • External haul points
  • Daisy chain to haul extra gear

With a 16 L capacity, it does offer a bit more room for additional gear. It also allows climbers to comfortably pack gear rather than stuffing everything in tightly. This makes finding the specific item easier while on the wall.

Coming in at exactly 1 lbs, the bag is not much heavier than its Black Diamond counterpart. It also has a top pocket opening, which makes it easy to access gear. This is the ideal bag for a multi-day climb.

The North Face Route Rocket boasts a price tag of $89.00. Currently, the bag is available in blue, red, and black.

Petzl Bug

The Petzl Bug is the largest climbing bag in this list. Unlike The North Face and Black Diamond bags, the Petzl Bug is only designed for single day use on multi-pitch climbs.

Petzl Bug

Features of Petzl Bug include:

  • Low profile and sits high on back
  • Provides climber the ability to engage in full range of movement
  • Offers stowaway waist belt

The bag’s impressive 18 L capacity makes it easy to store a few additional snacks, water, or small gear. Also weighing only 1 lbs, the bag is just as lightweight as its counterparts.

The bag offers similar features, such as the ability to carry the climbing rope and attach gear externally. Petzl also offers an interior elastic cord to held secure items when the bag is opened while on the wall.

The Petzl Bug is available for $69.95. Climbers can opt for either a gray or red color.

Which Is Best: Black Diamond, The North Face, of Petzl?

Every climber will always have their own opinion about whether one bag is better than the other. For some, brand loyalty it a large determining factor in what makes certain gear better than the other. All three of these bags are high-quality and will provide you with enough space to carry your gear on a multi-pitch climb.

For the price, Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 is the best bag. It offers all of the same features and even comes in as the lightest weight option.

For durability, The North Face Route Rocket wins. This bag is designed for extensive use in some of the world’s most extreme climbing conditions. However, it is the most expensive.

For size, Petzl Bug is the clear choice. With its 18 L capacity, you have plenty of room to store you belongings. The top entry feature also makes it easy to access everything you have carried up the wall.

How To Choose The Best Climbing Bag

While these three bags are the top rated among climbers, there are still plenty of other options available on the market. When it comes to choosing the best climbing bag for your climbing adventures, you need to consider what is most important to you.

The best way to learn about a bag is to read reviews. These will tell you what others loved and hated about the product. Oftentimes, whatever you were wondering about the product has already been described in a review.

Be sure to take into consideration the return and warranty policies. Sometimes, bags just don’t work out or they break unexpectedly.

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