How Should a Climbing Harness Fit

How Should a Climbing Harness Fit?

Climbing harnesses come in many different sizes and styles, which means there are tons of options to choose from when you go to purchase one. Finding the perfect fit is crucial, both for your safety and for your comfort. A climbing harness should fit snugly around your waist or hips, …

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Is Rock Climbing Hard

Is Rock Climbing Hard?

Rock climbing can seem like an intimidating sport to get into, especially if you aren’t familiar with the jargon, technique, and customs of the climbing community. It can also seem like a very difficult sport that requires tons of upper body strength and a ripped physique. However, this is not …

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Are Push Ups Good for Rock Climbing

Are Push Ups Good for Rock Climbing?

It can be tempting for climbers to focus solely on exercises that strengthen pulling motions that mimic those of climbing. However, push-ups are often recommended as part of off-the-wall training for climbing. So, are push-ups good for rock climbing? Color the Crag gives you the full run down. Push-ups are …

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