Horse Pens 40 (HP40) located in Steele, Alabama is a privately owned property filled with large boulders! We’re excited about hosting the event here because it provides a central location for us to gather and camp.

Camping is encouraged and included in the ticket price. Camping is a great way to get to know other festival goers and a great way to get outside! We’ve included a packing list here to help you with planning for a great outdoor adventure!


The closest hotel to HP40 are located in Gadsen, Alabama about 15 minutes away.

Gadsen, AL

There are many hotels and motels located in Gadsen. If hotels are preferred for you, please check out the listing in the Gadsen area. Hampton Inn and Suites -This spot is a bit further away with about a 30 minute drive to HP40. It does offer a bit more comfort though at a bit higher price at $67-$100 per room.

Asheville, AL

American Inn and Suites -This is definitely the closest option. Located about a 13 minute drive from HP40, this option is close and pretty affordable with rooms from $57-64. Reviews are not great so just a head’s up when booking here!

Trussville, AL

Quality Inn Located about 30 minutes from HP40, this option is a close and affordable inn with rooms from $77.


Chattanooga, TN

The Crashpad This hostels is AMAZING and offers some great rates for single bunks at $35. Double bedrooms available for $100. This is a great option if you’re driving in to HP40 but it is quite a bit further away from the festival activities with about a 2 hour drive to the property.