Scaling the Remarkables: Climbing in New Zealand

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing breathtaking views from the summit of a mountain range? The Remarkables, in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, host Single Cone – the highest peak that looms 2000 meters above Lake Wakatipu.

This blog post will guide you through the exhilarating journey of climbing these majestic peaks while offering tips to conquer them without breaking a sweat. Ready for an adventure like no other?.

Scaling the Remarkables: Climbing Single Cone

Single Cone, the highest peak in the Remarkables range of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, beckons to mountaineers with its exhilarating ascent and breath-taking panoramas. This imposing height soars 2000 meters above Lake Wakatipu on its west face and is a testament to nature’s magnificence.

Scaling this summit requires preparation, skillful navigation, and an appreciation for raw alpine beauty.

The climb up Single Cone offers unique opportunities for both rock climbing and alpine ridge walking. With classic routes like the South Gully or NE spur presenting notable challenges for climbers seeking authentic alpine experiences.

The thrill of ice and mixed climbing can also be discovered here due to its considerable altitude and climate conditions. A hidden gem among these adventurous paths is a 350m trad climb called “DB Eh?” offering climbers additional diversity in their journey towards the peak.

It’s interesting to note that during Cycling New Zealand 2015 event had participants tackle this very same elevation gain which boasts spots where gradient momentarily eases off – as indicated by Strava profile – provides much-needed resting intervals during accent climbs.

Whether you’re cycling your way up or scaling on foot, no adventure enthusiast could disregard the allure of exploring New Zealand’s Remarkables mountain range through such marvelously challenging paths.

The Challenge and Beauty of Climbing in New Zealand

Climbing in New Zealand offers a unique and extraordinary challenge for mountaineers. With its stunning landscapes and diverse terrain, the country is a haven for adventurous climbers seeking new heights to conquer.

The Remarkables mountain range in the Southern Alps is particularly renowned for its challenging climbs and breathtaking beauty. Single Cone, the highest peak in the range, rises an impressive 2000 meters above Lake Wakatipu, providing climbers with awe-inspiring views along their ascent.

The west face of Single Cone offers classic alpine climbing routes, while multi-pitch rock routes and alpine ridgelines can be found throughout the range. Ice and mixed climbing are also possible on these rugged peaks.

Despite some misrepresentation in guidebooks regarding first ascents, there are numerous exhilarating routes awaiting those brave enough to take on this adventure. Scaling the Remarkables not only tests one’s physical abilities but also rewards climbers with unforgettable experiences and memories of conquering some of New Zealand’s most remarkable peaks.


Scaling the Remarkables in New Zealand is an unforgettable adventure for mountaineers and climbing enthusiasts. With its challenging peaks, stunning views, and diverse climbing opportunities, the Remarkables range offers a unique experience that combines beauty with adrenaline.

Whether tackling Single Cone or exploring the multi-pitch routes and alpine ridgelines, climbers will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and awe-inspiring landscapes that make this destination truly remarkable.


1. What is the Remarkables mountain range in New Zealand known for?

The Remarkables mountain range in New Zealand is known for its stunning alpine scenery, challenging climbing routes, and diverse outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking.

2. Are there any guided climbing tours available in the Remarkables?

Yes, several guiding companies offer climbing tours in the Remarkables. These guided tours provide experienced guides who are familiar with the area and can ensure safety while exploring the mountains.

3. What equipment do I need for climbing in the Remarkables?

For climbing in the Remarkables, you will need essential equipment such as ropes, harnesses, helmets, crampons, ice axes, and appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions. It is crucial to have proper gear to ensure your safety during climbs.

4. Can beginners participate in climbing activities in the Remarkables?

While some climbing routes may be suitable for beginners under proper guidance from experienced climbers or guides, it is generally recommended to have prior rock or alpine climbing experience before attempting climbs in the Remarkables due to their technical difficulty and potentially hazardous conditions.

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