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Climbing is a sport that can seem way out of reach for newcomers. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Hey, I’m Calvin Rivers, a climbing veteran with 10+ years on crags and walls around the world. I can’t wait for you to explore our site and fall in love with the outdoors just like I have.

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We’re a community of climbing enthusiasts who are deeply involved in the climbing culture. Here, we share the latest news in the league.

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Climbing is a great sport, but newcomers are often overwhelmed when it comes to selecting gear and switching from indoor climbing to the outdoors. We make it easier to get started with trusted reviews and articles from experienced climbers.

Color the Crag has recently acquired, an amazing place that has been providing climbers with expert guidance and climbing industry news since 2005. This acquisition allows us to serve you better by offering access to even more advice.

At Color the Crag, we already bring you a variety of guides and tutorials on climbing safety, gear, skills, and more. With the acquisition, we can provide their readers with even more dedicated climbing content. is a UK-based publication with bi-monthly releases and a wealth of online content. After releasing 139 print issues, the magazine switched to an online format. With tens of thousands of subscribers and social media followers, established itself as the top source for climbing advice in the UK.

Whether you are new to rock climbing or a seasoned pro, you can discover new tips and suggestions. The site includes helpful articles covering a wide range of climbing topics, including climbing gear. Explore the most essential equipment for different climbing environments. You can also browse interviews with experienced climbers and watch videos of experts tackling different climbs.

Rock climbing offers many benefits. It strengthens muscles and provides a cardio workout. Many people find it to be an exhilarating experience. However, rock climbing also requires proper safety and gear. We offer recommendations on climbing techniques, equipment, and safety tips to help you get more out of your next climb and stay safe.

Color the Crag remains committed to giving you access to the best climbing tips and tutorials. Check back frequently to discover the latest articles and keep up on developments in the climbing world.

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We’ve covered everything from chalk to ropes to shoes and our favorite climbing locations.

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