Rock Ring or Hangboard? Get the Answer In 2022

Wondering if to get a rock ring or hangboard? Read on to find more about the both of them.

Rock Ring

Rock ring is a training equipment used in climbing. They are designed to provide a convenient, and economical procedure for  climbing training. A rock ring has a straightforward point lull that enables it to stride freely lessening any joint-related fatigue or tension.

Rock ring is an outstanding way to drill to improve both agility and stamina in the same workout, or just for preparation.

climbing Rock Ring

When using a rock ring, you have to be creative and avoid any form of self-limitation. Instead, try to project with your workouts and keep them as diversified as conceivable. If you have never used a rock ring before, it might take about five to nine weeks to get used to the workout exercise.

Do not try to overtrain yourself as it might lead to injuries, instead take it slow and master your pace. The basic thing you have to do is create a timetable and follow up meticulously.

If you realize you are getting pained or injured by certain styles, holds, and methods of movement, do not stick to it, change immediately. Also, avoid all pressure, it will cause the skin on your fingertips to blister and get sore, and may take up to some days or even a week before it heals up. In reality, however, you need to train hard with a rock ring to be perfect, not harsh – hard.

Ensure you can perform your full routine without stress before trying the more difficult routines.

Also, when installing your rock rings, do not underestimate the impact of location or terrain on the success of your training workout. It is easier and more advisable for you to spend time in a well-lit area. Avoid freezing spots or dark areas if you’re still an amateur.

Rock Rings are very portable and convenient. This makes it easier for you to move if you’re no longer comfortable with the conditions under which you’re training, rather than try to stick to an uncomfortable condition or routine. A positive environment is a great determinant for you when using a rock ring.

Rock rings also can swing from any solid point, take, for example, a pull-up bar. It is more suitable for your rings to hang out of your full area with enough length to help you lift off the ground with sufficient headroom. Make sure that your preferred anchor can tolerate the loads they will be carrying and that they don’t slip while the rings are still in use. You might miscalculate the force that can be generated by you, so ensure caution and let a professional help you with the rings if you’re unsure of yourself.

Exercises that can be done with the rock rings include front lever, one-arm pull up, off-set hangs, pull-up L-hang, off-set pull-ups, dead hangs, and bent arm hang.

  • A rock ring is easy to install. It gives less stress especially if you are a beginner.
  • A rock ring is very versatile and can hang anywhere. It can be fitted to swing from any solid point.
  • It is good for training fingertips, and lower arm muscle strength.
  • It is usually lightweight and can be carried along anywhere.
  • Rock rings can sometimes be unstable especially if they are not carefully hung. This can make the climber lose grip.
  • The holes for gripping are usually not deep enough for climbers’ grasp.
  • The lull of the rock ring can pull off if not fitted properly.


A hangboard is simply what it is called: a board manufactured from wood or plastic. It embodies several gaps or holes you can grasp, using your different fingers. A hangboard fastens to a barrier or rod so you can mimic or emulate the movements of ascending rocks or perform the Buster Keaton cosplay.


Just like other bodyweight workouts, hangboarding is a type of workout that comes with lots of benefits. It strengthens the fingers, upper and lower body. A hangboard is majorly used for climbing terrain that is almost smooth and lacks holes to grasp.

  • The hangboard is very time efficient.
  • It can be steadily mounted or set up in an apartment.
  • As a climber, a hangboard lets you enjoy a wide range of exercises and training.
  • There is a large variety of hangboards available on the market.
  • The hangboard is not suitable for beginners, amateurs, or starters.
  • It increases the risk of climbing injury.
  • It only allows a climber the luxury to train for finger strength. It does not focus on arms and biceps.

Which should you go for?

Let’s compare.

The usefulness of a rock ring is similar to that of a hangboard. You need a rock ring when you’re trying to train your bi-arms and fore-arms strength, while it’s better to go for a hangboard when you’re trying to train for finger strength and learn to squeeze in more energy after you’ve hit a flat. If you are also training your ability to hang instead of climbing steadily, a hangboard is more preferable.

Rock Rings Or Hangboard

Also, while a rock ring allows lots of exercises and versatility due to its portability, a hangboard is a better alternative for pull-ups and hangs. A hangboard also takes more space than a rock ring, it’s costlier and could be difficult to assemble when compared to its counterparts while a rock ring is cheaper, portable, and much easier to install.

It’s better advised to use a rock ring if you’re a beginner and you’re just starting on the climbing exercise, and then move on to a hangboard at the intermediate level. A rock ring teaches more grit, perseverance, and stability better than a hangboard. Regardless of how expensive a hangboard is, it becomes a better option for you as you slide up to becoming a climbing pro.

In Conclusion

A rock ring is not better than a hangboard, it depends on your personal preference and the purpose for which you’re going to purchase anyone. Also, it depends on your skill level and how much you’ve mastered the art of climbing.

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