What is Colorthecrag?

Hello, Dear adventure lover.  Welcome to Colorthecrag!

This is the place where you’ll find a complete guideline for indoor & outdoor rock climbing, necessary climbing gear, and their trusted reviews and tips from experienced climbers. If you’re a newcomer to the climbing sport without proper guidelines, it would be pretty impossible for you to enter this adventurous sport. Now that you’re here, you no longer need to worry about that; our experienced climbers will guide you with helpful safety tips, climbing gear, climbing skills, and climbing culture.

Our Testing Methodology

We have a well-structured routine to complete our testing methodology. Each of our team members goes through that structured, systematic process to complete this task. First, we separated our team members into different departments and assigned them jobs based on their skills.

After distributing the task, the research team started the market research and forwarded data to the expert team. The expert team analyzes the research findings, studies the buyers’ reviews, and cross-checks our results and users’ feedback.

Once the expert team finished their analyzing process, they handed the data to our writing team. The writing team writes an in-detail review with the analyzed data with a complete buying guideline.

Meet The Team
Calvin Rivers

Calvin Rivers is the founder and an editor of this site Colorthecrag. He’s a adventurous sports man. The main identity of Calvin is that he’s a very famous climber in his state Nevada.

He has more than 10 years experience in climbing on crag and walls around the world. Calvin  created this site “Colorthecrag” to share his knowledge and spread education & safety in the climbing sports and mountains.

Ralph M. Suiter

Ralph is the editor of our site Colorthecrag. He is a friend of Calvin and an experienced mountain climber. Ralph is the only man in his area who completed the dangerous Dihedral Wall, Dawn Wall, and many more. He has more than 15 years experience in climbing rocky mountains around the world.

Just two years back he stop climbing and started writing different blog post on climbing. Because of his vast experience in climbing we bring him to our team to share his knowledge and experience with Colorthecrag community.

Richard E. Bivins

Richard was a professional rock climber but now he quit it because of some physical problem. Although he quit it physically, menatlly he can’t. So, he started writing about climbing  related things, such as safety tips, skills, and climbing culture, etc. based on his experience. After a couple of months joining he is now the team leader of our writing team.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

Product And Market Investigation

In our every product review process, we start with the product and its market research. We have a dedicated research team to complete the process accurately. Our team members study the newness of the market and most popular companies and their products.

Core Features Identification

Before the final product selection, we have a list of the most popular products in the market that we gathered through market research. To narrow down the list for our final product selection, we identify the product’s core features and divide them based on their main features.
Through this, we can easily skip those products that come with unnecessary additional features to accelerate the product’s price. We separate the products based on the main features that are most important for their users.

Product Selection

After separating the product according to their core features, we make a product list for the final selection. We select the product with the best selling record and higher customer appreciation to make this list even shorter.

Reviews Analysis

To get the product’s real-life experience, we study the genuine buyer’s reviews of the product. We note down all the advice and warnings given by its users, and later we cross-check them during our review process.


Finding the best product from multiple options is not easy if we don’t go through the product ranking process. We are committed to providing the best product, so we find the best one through a product ranking process. This step scores our listed products based on their characteristics, quality, durability, functionality, price, etc. Consequently, the most quality product got the top rank.

Writing Reviews

After collecting the product data and finishing its analyzing process, we forwarded the data to our writing team. The writing team re-checked the data and wrote an in-detail review of that particular product.

Buying Guide

Here you will find the total summation of our research findings. With the help of our buying guidelines, you can select the most appropriate product for you that’ll fulfill all of the requirements within your budget.