How Much Weight Can a Climbing Rope Hold

Trusting your life to a climbing rope can feel nerve-wracking, especially when you aren’t exactly sure how much weight it can hold. While there are several factors that contribute to the strength and tensile rating of a rope, you can generally rest assured that a climbing rope will be able …

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What Does It Mean to Flake a Rope

How to Flake a Climbing Rope?

It’s important to take care of climbing ropes properly in order to preserve their integrity and extend their lifespans. Part of this rope care includes uncoiling the rope when you first purchase it, flaking the rope regularly, and storing it correctly. So, how to flake a rope? To flake a climbing …

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How To Break In Climbing Shoes

How to Break in Climbing Shoes?

Purchasing new climbing shoes is always exciting, until you remember that you now have to break in this beautiful new pair of shoes, which can be an unpleasant and uncomfortable process. However, it’s all worth it in the end when you’ve gotten your new shoes perfectly broken in! So, how …

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How to Find a Climbing Partner

How to Find a Climbing Partner?

Whether you are new to an area or you are new to climbing and looking to get more into the sport, you will need one key item: a climbing partner. But, finding a quality climbing partner can seem daunting, especially if you aren’t a natural extrovert. There are a few …

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What Are Climbing Ropes Made of?

Climbing ropes are exceptionally strong, and they serve as a crucial safety device for sport and trad climbers. However, before trusting your life to a climbing rope, you may be wondering how these ropes are actually constructed. Modern climbing ropes are made of nylon, which is a synthetic polyamide. Since …

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