How To Make Money Rock Climbing

How To Make Money Rock Climbing?

Many people dream about being able to travel and rock climb full-time without having to worry about working a 9-5 or winning the lottery to fund their lifestyle. However, since there’s not a professional climbing league (there’s nothing like the NFL for climbing, sadly), it can be pretty difficult to …

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rock climbing locations in washington

Rock Climbing Locations in Washington

With mountains, rocky valleys, arid grasslands, sandy beaches, and evergreen forests, Washington is the outdoor lover’s paradise. For rock climbers and mountaineers, there are some amazing spots in the state. Read on to learn about some of the best rock climbing locations in Washington. Locations #1   Icicle Creek Canyon …

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rock climbing vs bouldering

Rock Climbing vs Bouldering: Short and Detailed Answer!

At first sight, rock climbing and bouldering may seem somewhat similar, but in fact, there are significant differences between these two sports. They require different techniques, different muscle groups usage, different training routines, and different gear sets. The topic of this post is rock climbing vs bouldering—their differences and similarities. …

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Rock Climbing

How Many Calories Do You Burn Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is a sport that requires strength and endurance. Rock climbers use grip strength to pull themselves up and over the rocks, and have to maintain balance with their upper body. Rock climbing is an intense workout that burns anywhere from 400-700 calories per hour depending on what type …

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