Best Place to Mount GoPro on Ski Helmet!

When you are skiing, getting a steady shot may be difficult unless your GoPro is properly mounted on your helmet. Without the proper knowledge, you may make the mistake of mounting your GoPro in a spot that just “feels” right. You may even try to adjust it on the go, which is a really bad idea. Read on to learn about the best place to mount GoPro on ski helmet.

In general, a GoPro should be mounted in such a way that it is away from the source of light, horizontal to the slope, and close to eye level. Now we are going to discuss the details of mounting an action camera, such as angle, location, and mount types.

Where to Mount It?

GoPro cameras are extremely versatile. They are waterproof and perfect for messy winter sports such as skiing, winter fat biking, and snowboarding. No matter where on the helmet you mount a camera, it will work. However, ideally, it should be mounted in a spot that protects your face in case of an accident.

Do not place your GoPro in a place that receives direct sunlight. It will not capture the best images or videos in bright daylight. If you film at dawn or dusk, the quality of the footage will be better.

Where to Mount It

Here are two main options for placing a GoPro on a helmet: 

  • Use a helmet mount with adhesive to mount your GoPro on a helmet. The adhesive will keep the camera firmly in place, and you will not have to worry when skiing or boarding.
  • To attach a GoPro, you can modify your helmet or a mount. If you have to add screws or drill holes when modifying the helmet, be careful. Try not to damage the helmet.

Is It Safe?

Yes, mounting a GoPro on a helmet is totally safe. Just do not place the camera in a position too close to your eyes. In case of a fall, the helmet will actually serve as a protective barrier between your eyes and the camera. Mounting a camera on a bare head or a hat is far less safe than mounting one on a helmet.

Keep the following tips in mind when mounting your GoPro on a helmet:

  • Find the best place to mount GoPro on ski helmet. The spot should be on the front, close to the top of the helmet. Use screws, rivets, or double-sided tape to attach your GoPro camera. The key is to secure the camera to the helmet. Do not use hot glue. If you need to remove it for future adjustments, you will find that pretty hard.
  • Do not place mounting hardware right on the foam padding. The hardware should be placed about ½ inch away from the padding. In case of an accident, they will not come into contact.
  • Use an adhesive based specially designed for this purpose, so that it can withstand harsh conditions.

Ideas for Mounting GoPro on a Ski Helmet

Ski helmets are available in several styles. However, regardless of the type or style of your helmet, the front will provide a pretty good view, so it is the best place to mount GoPro on ski helmet. In general, a ski helmet comes with mounting points for a camera.

Mounting GoPro on a Ski Helmet

However, for an unobstructed view of other skiers following you, you can also consider mounting the camera on the top of your helmet. Depending on the style of the helmet, you can also get a chin mount for your GoPro.

When skiing in a terrain that offers limited visibility, a chin mount can help you get footage from an interesting point of view.

 Apart from that, keep the following ideas in mind:

  • Use a mounting kit that can be attached to the side or back of your ski helmet.
  • Explore Products, GoPro’s partner company has an adhesive mounting pad. To attach your GoPro onto your mounting pad you can use that mounting pad. After that, use a bungee cord to strap the camera, for safety purposes.
  • Attach a sticky mount to the side of your ski helmet. For this, you will have to drill holes into your helmet. When you drill holes, use rubber plugs for the safety of the helmet itself.
  • There are ski helmets that come with already installed GoPro mounts. Alternatively, you can buy a helmet with removable pins so that you can make mounting points the way you want.

Other Mounting Places

GoPro cameras are characterized by wide-angle lenses. When your GoPro is not mounted on a helmet, keep it close to the subject to get a clear view.

We have explained that the front is the best place to mount GoPro on ski helmet. However, there are other mounting locations such as arm mounts, chest mounts, hand mounts, hat mounts, selfie stick mounts, and wrist mounts. You can choose any of these options, just mount the camera securely.

When it comes to capturing action shots snowboarding or skiing, the ski pole mount works pretty well. It basically involves attaching the camera to your ski poles.

A great advantage of the ski pole mount is that it gives you a perspective from the snow. For this mount you need a sturdy pole. Aluminum and carbon fiber poles are great options.

Be careful about the size of the pole you choose for this purpose. Tighten the knob properly once you have placed your GoPro in the slot.

The ski pole mount has another great advantage. During any activity or exercise, you can use the poles while capturing footage.

Final Thoughts 

Making some good videos can add richness to your skiing experience. And the quality of the images or videos largely depends on how you mount your GoPro on your ski helmet. Setting up a GoPro is not all about capturing great footage; it is also about your safety. We hope now you have a better understanding of how an action camera should be mounted on your ski helmet.

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